Tuesday, 30 August 2011

It ends with a kiss.

Whilst cliché, it was the only way for it to happen; an influx of pain and pleasure

And whilst I don't understand "Quick and painless" I could do nothing but draw it out longer.

I wish not to leave you; this scene; these stains of what was.

Or What is.

But, I kid. As to kid, for me, is to sustain, that which is guised with hypocratic surface.

But, I wish not to deem myself a martyr. Or one who is indeed belittled or deserving of empathetic touch.

Empathy is wasted, for I em pathetic.

The feelings that crush had been gone for so long, but have soon returned - albeit in a different form.

Confusion leads to pain followed shortly by regret, the circle of my mind continues to spin on its small, sharp axis.

I know not whether to dread, or to forsee simplicity in your presence; however my mind is perplexed nontheless.

Gibberings of the insane; it may be mis-communicated. Or the truth that I wish not to face.

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